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Wood, pellets
and gas

Stûv designs and produces wood burning stoves, pellet burners, wood inserts and gas inserts. Find out more about our products

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Wood stoves and fireplaces

Stûv wood stoves and fireplaces are available in a wide range of formats, with one or two sides. Designed to produce as much heat as possible when closed, some models can be used as open fires. You can customise your fire with a range of frames, metallic frontpanels or  with a ready-to-fit chimney structure.

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Pellet stove

The Stûv P-10 is a pellet stove unlike any other, combining good looks, practicality and authenticity.

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Gas fire

The gas fires in the 'tulp' line are available in a wide range of formats. Single or double sided, corner versions or with 3 sides. You can customise your burner thanks to the different finishes and decorative frames to help it blend in with the architecture of your room.

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Design at Stûv is a state of mind that envisages each interaction between humans and objects throughout the object's life-cycle. This design incorporates elements of function and form without harming either.


The aesthetics of Stûv products is always justified. The form results from the function, the legibility and the semantics of the object and good use of the materials and implementation techniques used.

User friendliness

Stûv develops products that respond to actual needs, whether these are practical, physiological or psychological. An object that meets its function poorly causes frustration and as a result needs to be reconsidered.
The solutions developed by Stûv must always take account of the concerns of all the people who, at one time or another in the object's life-cycle, come into contact with it: those who manufacture the object, those who install it, those who service it and those who use it.


The form of the products cannot be separated from the architecture into which they are incorporated. These products are not subject to the architecture. They respect it whilst inspiring it with new avenues.
The formal simplicity of the products makes it possible to build them into any type of interior.

The innovation

“ Innovation is a complex process which involves, to various degrees, all the skills in a company.
The formal coherence of the product, for which the designer is the guarantor, is a reflection of the cohesion of the team.”
Gérard Pitance, industrial designer and co-founder of Stûv

Who are we?

A Belgian company based in the Namur Province in Bois-de-Villers, Stûv designs, produces and markets individual heating solutions that use wood, gas and pellets (stoves, inserts, fireplaces) designed to magnify the flame for both practical and emotional purposes (the beauty of the flame, pleasure, that welcoming feeling and the thermal benefits).

To do this, Stûv is committed to creativity, design, the quality of the products developed and their ability to live up to consumers' expectations, as well as placing real importance in human values.


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